What Others Are Saying

“Geoff is a very competent and skilled direct marketing consultant who has “been there and done that.” He is an outstanding business partner and advisor whose input is highly valued in my organization. Geoff gets merchandising, circulation, e-commerce and social networking – and how they impact success in direct marketing.”
Tim Burns, Brand Manager, Edmund Scientifics

Geoff is a pleasure to work with, and his valuable experience has helped us improve in all areas of our business. He has been a great consulting partner, guiding our path to operational improvement and higher profits. In addition, Geoff’s experience in running successful businesses enables him to offer great solutions with a strong Return on Investment.
Scott Carrick, President and CEO, Family Direct, Inc.

“Geoff combined the unique resources of our business with advanced marketing practices. The result is an action plan based on the priorities we identified that is allowing our business to grow and evolve with the marketplace.”
Michael Arking, Frenchtoast.com

“Geoff is someone you can always count on. No matter how small the business or concern he is there in a big way. He treats our business as if it were his own and produces results.”
Bari Barkley, Annie’s Annuals